An effective method of treatment is specific immunotherapy with allergens.

To do this, more and more concentrated allergen solutions are injected into the patient's skin over several weeks.

This gradual introduction causes the body to produce something like an antidote. Specific immunotherapy is carried out in advance so that by the beginning, for example, flowering, the body's sensitivity to a particular pollen becomes minimal. This method is contraindicated at the slightest sign of exacerbation. In addition, the implementation of ED pills therapy requires patience: in order to achieve lasting results, you need to spend, as a rule, at least three years.

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Avoiding exposure to pollen is the best way to prevent seasonal allergic rhinitis. The ideal option is to leave for the flowering period of allergenic plants in a different climatic zone. For residents of central Russia, this can be, for example, the Baltic states, the southern coast of Crimea or the Russian North, where flowering takes place at a different time: a little earlier or, conversely, later.

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If this is not possible, the following recommendations should be observed.

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Refrain from walking through forests and parks, trips out of ув pills. Do not open windows and doors in an apartment or office. Ventilate the room after rain, in the evening and when there is no wind. On an open window or door, you can hang a well-moistened sheet or gauze in several layers. The highest concentration of pollen in the air is observed early in the morning and on dry hot days, so it is especially not recommended to go outside during this period of time. After returning from the street, you should change clothes.

Take a shower at least twice a day. Be sure to wash your hair. Close the windows in the car when traveling, especially outside the city. Do not dry things after washing on the street (on the balcony), because. pollen settles on them. Daily carry out wet cleaning in the apartment. The use of air purifiers, the use of an air conditioner with outlet air filters is recommended. Take the medicines prescribed by your doctor and keep a diary of Order ED Pills Online condition, this will help your doctor prevent future allergies.

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Similarly, the prevention of perennial allergic rhinitis is to reduce the likelihood of exposure to allergens (pet hair, dust, etc.).

  • Allergic rhinitis is a disease that develops as a result of contact of allergens with the nasal mucosa.
  • The main symptoms of the disease: itching in the nasal cavity, sneezing, difficulty in nasal breathing, mucous discharge from the nose.
  • As part of the diagnosis of the causes of allergic rhinitis, consultations of specialists (allergist-immunologist, otolaryngologist), skin tests, determination of general and specific IgE (allergological panels), rhinoscopy are carried out.
  • Treatment with antihistamines, intranasal glucocorticoids, or cessation of allergen exposure leads to a rapid disappearance of the symptoms of the disease.
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Allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory reaction of the nasal mucosa to the action of an allergen, a manifestation of hay fever. May be seasonal or year round. Manifested by congestion, swelling, itching and tickling in the nose, copious outflow of mucus, sneezing, lacrimation, decreased sense of smell. A long course can lead to the development of allergic sinusitis, nasal polyps, otitis media, nosebleeds, persistent impaired sense of smell, and bronchial asthma.

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Causes Classification Symptoms Complications Diagnosis Treatment of allergic rhinitis Prevention Pricess for treatment. Allergic rhinitis is widespread. According to various sources, from 8 to 12% of all inhabitants of the Earth suffer from this form of allergy. Usually develops at a young age (10-20 years). At an older age, the severity of manifestations may decrease, but patients, as a rule, are not completely cured.

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